Hell Yeah: HBO to Adapt French Adult Film Comedy Called ‘Hard’

The quality of HBO shows has never really been in question, and neither has their tendency toward including satisfyingly graphic sex scenes. When you tune into HBO, you know exactly what you’re going to get: quality story arcs with compelling characters, and boobs. Also every now and then, for about 2 seconds, a dick.

But I digress. From the AV Club (which has an explicit trailer of the original show):

“…HBO will remake the “porn comedy” Hard, a series that hails from France—the country that practically invented sex as art, as borne out by all those tits you see in the Louvre.

The U.S. version of Hard will tell the tale of “a Brentwood housewife who inherits her husband’s failing porn company,” which she then runs while attempting to keep it secret from her gal pals.”


It sounds like HBO is following in the footsteps of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, which if you haven’t seen, watch it right now. Nudity!

It’s apparent that HBO’s adaptation of Hard is going to be female-centric, much like Sex and the City. In the long run, the fact that the show is about women is probably a good thing if, like most HBO viewers, you’re only tuning in for the naked women anyway.