HBO Released New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailers, Doom Appears Imminent For These Houses


Nick Wall/ HBO

Just more than three months out from Game of Thrones triumphant season six return on April 24, 2016, HBO is ramping up its marketing efforts (like they really need to…) for what is easily the most anticipated season of television so far this year.

On Friday, a series of three tweets were sent out from numerous Twitter accounts affiliated with GoT, each containing a somewhat cryptic trailer for the sure-to-ensue death & destruction penned by George R.R. Martin. And it doesn’t look good for several houses…

The first promo video to drop featured a shredded flag for House Lannister looking out upon a beautiful coastal sunset juxtaposed with a threat from the High Sparrow, and recurring taunts of “Shame!”

Next to follow was the tattered crest of House Stark, amidst, what else, but snow…

And lastly, it sounds like some very harrowing news may be in store for House Targaryen, as this trailer purports “You are nobody, the millionth of your name, Queen of Nothing.” in Dothraki native tongue.

Sounds delightful, huh!?

Regardless, can’t wait because there’s just so many questions I need answered.

WTF is Arya getting into and is she now blind? Did Sansa and Theo Greyjoy actually jump to their deaths? Was Jon Snow dying a crazy dream or the real deal? How sweet is Cersei Lannister’s revenge going to be? Will Tryrion and Daenerys be able to get those damn dragons under control? Will somebody please kill Ramsay? What’s that bad bitch Melissandra up to!???

Image (3) game-of-thrones-jon-snow-theory.gif for post 20234500

Thoughts on ANY of this, Bros!?

[h/t Collider]

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