Photo Of Battle Cat From Upcoming He-Man Movie Hits Web — Web Freaks Out As Expected

Masters of the Universe, or the He-Man movie as everyone seems to be calling it, is still in the early stages of development. The IMDB page for the movie is barren. It’s an empty universe onto it’s own.

While there have been live-action versions of He-Man, none have been…what’s the word? Good. But it’s been many years and advances in movie making tech since Dolph Lungren donned the loincloth so there’s hope that Masters Of The Universe won’t make us all want to burn Castle Greyskull to the ground.

The only people who know anything about the movie are employed by Sony. Anything fans want to know about the He-Man movie, they’ll just have to ask an executive. So someone did. They asked Senior VP of Production at Sony/Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin.

Here was Franklin’s quick response to the He-Man movie question:

Let the speculation begin! The folks at i09 have plenty of questions, first and foremost, how the hell does this guy know?

I honestly don’t know. It seems weird that one of the first details of the movie would come from a random, high-ranking Sony executive on Twitter, but it seems even weirder for that high-ranking Sony executive to randomly share Battle Cat art that isn’t in some way involved in the long-in-development movie project. I certainly hope it’s real, because it is awesome, and I’m not just saying that as a crazed He-Man fan.

Okay, Actually, I may just be saying that as a crazed He-Man fan, but I have no way of knowing.

I’ve got to assume that an executive at a major movie company wouldn’t randomly send out photos of a project in the works unless a) the project is in the works or b) he’s trying to get it greenlit. Either way, the photo has He-Man movie fans jacked.

Now let’s see some still shots of Orko.



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