Get a Glimpse of Heath Ledger’s Insanely Intricate ‘Joker Diary’ for the Dark Knight

The pop culture gurus at Uproxx have more regarding the video below:

The video below comes from the German documentary series “Too Young To Die”, which did an episode on Heath Ledger last year. They interviewed Heath’s father Kim Ledger, who produced the Joker diary and flipped through it on a table next to Heath Ledger’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

The diary contains classic Batman panels as well as pictures from A Clockwork Orange, joker playing cards, and old pictures of circus clowns. Surprisingly, the pages we see don’t have any pictures of Tom Waits, whom we assumed was a huge influence on Ledger’s performance.


You'll notice the clip is overdubbed with French so it's a bit hard to understand the english dude talking. I'd just focus on the visual content–it's compelling enough. Given Ledger's tragic fate, the last page of that diary is quite ominous. It might even make you feel feelings.

Given that this is what you were gonna do next, here's that:

[H/T: Uproxx]