Heather Locklear Finally Unlocked The Mystery Of How David Spade Gets SO Many Hot Chicks

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One of life’s biggest mysteries, at least to me, is how the hell does David Spade continuously hook up with one dime after another.

I mean, I get that he’s rich and famous, but there are a lot of rich and famous guys in Hollywood that don’t have near the track record with women that Spade does. And, no offense to Spade, he’s not an ugly man by any means, but it’s not like he’s Brad Pitt.

His latest hookup Naya Rivera is 22 damn years younger than him for cripes sake.

And just check out this sampling of some of the other women he’s been linked with over the years…

Charlotte McKinney

Jasmine Waltz…

Nicollette Sheridan…

Pamela Anderson

Nicky Whelan…

Carmen Electra

Heather Locklear…

Jillian Barberie…

Brittany Daniel

And the list goes on and on with ladies like Kaitlyn Carter, Playmate Jillian Grace, Sara Foster, Julie Bowen, Caprice Bourret, Krista Allen, Stacey Hayes, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kristy Swanson, Teri Hatcher and more.

So how in the hell does Spade do it?

According to one of the women on that list, Heather Locklear, there are two reasons, one is his sense of humor and the other is, as Heather so eloquently puts it, because “he has a big cock.”

Then, just to double down when the camerman says you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, she says, “look down.”

Alrighty then…

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