Hilary Duff Dating Guys On Tinder Might Just Be For A Reality Show Because Nothing Can Ever Be Real

Hilary Duff, you have really let us down if this is true.

Remember how excited we were to find out that new divorcee Hilary Duff was on the rebound dating guys on of all places, Tinder?! Yeah, well, like my old man always told me, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

According to TMZ, apparently all of the dates Hilary Duff is going on via Tinder are, get ready for it, also being filmed.

We’re told Hilary plans to shoot more footage as she dives into the dating world … and hopes to use it to develop a reality show — that would focus on her life as a new divorcée. Think ‘Stella’ getting her groove back … but whiter.

Hmmm… this is a major blow to my thinking that Hilary Duff was actually cooler than other pampered celebrities. I thought maybe, just maybe, a real guy might finally have a shot with one of our dream girls. Why I ever believed it in the first place is a mystery because, you know, everyone and everything in Hollywood pretty much sucks.

Cynicism now back in FULL EFFECT.