This Photo Of Hillary Clinton Staring At Christina Aguilera’s Rack Got The Internet Treatment It Rightfully Deserves

An old photo from 2012 of Hillary Clinton grilling Christina Aguilera’s fun bags at a U.S. Department of State Awards Ceremony has been resurrected and given the proper photoshop treatment from industrious interneters.

Christina, a long time Hillary supporter, appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show Monday to talk about the recently dug up photo.

“She was staring at my bosoms. It’s amazing. It’s awesome. She supports the girls … They need support.”

We all support your bosoms, Christina. Can we all take a quick moment of silence to give Christina’s chesticles the admiration they deserve?



Anyway, check out some of the best photoshop jobs from Hillary taking a nice long stare at Christina’s jugs. This surely won’t diffuse the rumors that the presidential hopeful is a carpet muncher.

hillary clinton hillary clinton 2 hillary clinton 3 hillary clinton 4 hillary clinton 5 hillary clinton 6 hillary clinton 7

Remember when Bill got his knob slobbed on in the oval office? I wish I was old enough to really appreciate that as it went down.

[h/t Some eCards]