Here’s Hologram Michael Jackson Performing at the Billboard Music Awards


A hologram of Michael Jackson performed at the Billboard Music Awards last night, and it was pretty weird because the singer has been dead for almost five years. Not only that, the ‘gram performed a song off an album released posthumously.

Hologram performances have been hot since a Tupac version stunned Coachella in 2012, and why not? Dead men are much more predictable than the living and have less complicated riders.

I don’t know about you, but this type of stuff blows my mind. Like, it’s hard to believe technology has come this far. And there’s something unsettling about it. I don’t think I’d react well if I saw a hologram person in real life.

Of course, it would still be less unsettling than happening upon an undead pop superstar.

[H/T: Rolling Stone]