Our ‘Home Alone’ Drinking Game Will Mess You Up More Than Kevin McCallister’s Booby Traps

by 6 years ago

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This past weekend, I was invited to a friend’s holiday party.  It was business as usual for a holiday party, with egg nog, Christmas cookies, alcohol, and Christmas carols you’ve heard a million times blaring in the background.  That was until the main event, as the host and hostess called it, happened:  the Home Alone drinking game.

I’m all for nostalgia, and since I grew up with that movie, adding alcohol to it could only yield fantastic results.  And I was right.  So in order to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, I decided to share the rules of the game with you all.

Writer’s Note:  We didn’t play this game with Smirnoff Ice.  In other words, this isn’t a game for lightweights.  Make sure you drink responsibility, know your limits, and only play with people you trust not to draw on your face with magic marker when you pass out when the credits roll.

Home Alone Drinking Game


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