4 Reasons Every Bro Needs to Watch ‘House of Cards’


Chances are, it took you under 30 hours to finish the first season and were left to wallow in Netflix purgatory while you waited a full year for a fresh fix.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, shame on you, but stop reading right now. Consider this your spoiler alert.

If you’re having doubts about dedicating another binge to the political thriller, here are a few quick reminders as to why HOC is a must-watch for all Bros.

Kate Mara

She’s the GDI chick who told you that she doesn’t “do the frat guy thing” when you met her in class. She told it to you again on the quad. She even told you mid-flip cup game at your chapter’s annual blowout while she adjusted the halter she had to borrow from her roommate before she came to see you.

She’s fiery, independent and is thus far an expert at mixing business with pleasure. She’d catch any Bro’s interest; regardless of whether or not getting involved would be a good idea.

Kevin Spacey 

Francis Underwood orchestrated an extramarital affair–which in no way upsets his wife–simply by getting caught sneaking a peek at Zoe Barnes.

He used this affair to help maneuver himself into the second-highest position of the United States government while fortifying his own side agendas.

This guy would own any chapter meeting.

The Sensual Artist

According to Albert Einstein, “for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Therefore, if there is a Bro, then there’s a guy with a music degree and his sister’s jeans catching the attention of the former’s girl.

How do you avoid losing the battle to our pal with the Vampire Weekend album and the Sailor Moon haircut? Trick question. You don’t. It’s rarely a fight that you’re going to win by chasing and Francis Underwood knows that.

Does he hunt Claire down when she runs off with the photographer? No.

Claire returns.

Just wait it out. It’s the life we’ve chosen.


Francis has not let his standing in life barricade him from quality food. If you don’t love BBQ, then you aren’t a real person.

As Bros, we understand Keystone Light in solo cups can generate more awesome nights than bottle service