Shit, We Forgot To Mention ‘House Of Cards’ Season Three Has A Release Date


It ain’t easy running a viral content factory. You’ve got cat videos to keep track of, and you must monitor sporting events to catch moments that are about to become trending memes, not to mention having to literally keep up with the Kardashians.

So, sometimes things fall through the crack. Like today’s announcement of the new season of House of Cards. I’m sure among our readers there are many fans of House of Cards. And I bet those people would have loved to know that the date season three is being released on Netflix was announced today.

But we forgot to post about it. And by now, everyone probably already knows what the date is. We try to never let our readers down, so you have our sincerest apologies. Thank you for visiting or blog and we will try to be better and quicker the next time.





Why are you still here?

Oh! Right! The date. The date is February 27th, 2015. Here’s a tweet that contains the reveal, as well as a creepy video of Frank and Claire boarding Air Force One. Remember, he’s president now. President Frank.