New ‘House Of Cards’ Trailer Points To Some Serious Strife Between Frank And Claire

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Frank and Claire Underwood have always had a tenuous relationship. Early on, he boned Kate Mara. Then Claire ran off with that French art dude who I think is now dead maybe? Then they had group sex with their Secret Service agent, Meechum.

Is he still on their detail? I forget. And I just finished in October. Meechum. Do you think he and Frank did it? Or was it just some foreplay. Maybe a 69 with each other’s dicks in their mouths? Or do you think it got serious, like with Frank inside Claire and then Meechum behind him doing the Vice President in the ass? Or the other way? Claire was kinda into Meechum, so maybe he had sex with her, and then Frank got into Meechum. Does Frank seem like a top or bottom? Maybe he just likes gay mouth stuff? Or just gay hand stuff? Is he into full on sex? Will he bang Meechum in the Oval Office, kinda like Fitz did Olivia on his first day. Has dude-on-dude butt stuff ever gone done in the White House? Will we get to see more? Could that be the next scandal on the show?

Anyway, here’s the new teaser for House of Cards, which drops in two weeks.

[Via Austin Hunt. You wanna get wings this week?]

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