Check Out This Hidden ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Joke That Most People Missed When It Aired

how i met your mother joke no one saw


How I Met Your Mother, when it was on, was one of the most popular shows on television. Running an astounding nine seasons the show won nine Emmys out of the 28 nominations it received for CBS.

Needless to say, it had a legion of die-hard fans who have seen the show’s episodes in many cases many more than once.

So it’s pretty incredible that Imgur user Eclipezz ran across a joke that occurred in the background of a scene that many people never even noticed when they saw it originally air.

What Eclipezz discovered was that during “The Rehearsal Dinner” – episode 12 of season 9 – as the group was laying into Robin’s suggestion that her marriage to Barney take place in Canada a whole other joke was taking place in the background of the bar.

What we end up seeing is just how LONG the group went on with their discussion as another couple went from dating to engaged to pregnancy to their kid going off to college and finally, death.

Well played. Man, I miss that show.

H/T LadBible, Imgur