Someone Figured Out How Many People Batman Killed In ‘Batman V Superman’ And It’s Not Pretty

Batman’s whole schtick is that he doesn’t kill people. Well, that and runs around fighting crime dressed like a bat. Guy’s got two schticks and he’s managed to keep to both of them since the comics began in the 1940’s…

…until now.

We all know Batman V Superman sucked. We all know that Batman ran around murdering people without a care in the world and that Gal Gadot was the only redeeming feature of the whole film. But just how off was the Affleck take on Batman? Pretty off apparently, as Mr. Sunday Movies figured out that he managed to kill 21 people in the film. I’ve heard numbers estimated much larger than that, but I suppose in this case we’re going with confirmed kills – which doesn’t even matter really, because realistically his kill count should be zero.

Hopefully they get it right for Ben Affleck’s “new” Batman movie, although at this point there’s nowhere to go except up from here.

[H/T Uproxx]