Conan O’Brien Had Several Celebrities Audition To Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine, Things Didn’t Go So Well

Who will step in and fill the 100-foot gap that Hugh Jackman is leaving when he steps down as Wolverine? Who knows? That person needs to be shredded, manly, and capable of rocking that signature Wolverine haircut without looking like a total asshole. Jackman is certainly a tough act to follow because when you look at him you literally see Wolverine. He’s Wolverine. That’s it. No one else.

The obvious answer is don’t replace him immediately. Kill him off as a character, wait 10 years until Hollywood remakes every X-men movie and then deal with casting a new Wolverine then.

But Conan O’Brien is not a fan of the obvious. He wants to recast the role and he wants to recast the role right now. So he got the most ill-fitting group of actors together to try their hand at reading Wolverine’s badass lines. The result was the exact opposite of badass, in the best way possible.