Hulk Hogan Just Talked About His Penis Length Under Oath, Discusses Whether He’s Packing A 10-Inch Hog

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It’s Tuesday and the ‘Gawker v Hulk Hogan’ trial is raging on. As reported here yesterday by our very own Chris Illuminati, an expert in all things ‘wrestling’, there’s a CNN reporter in the court room for this ‘Hogan v Gawker’ trial and he’s live tweeting the entire event.

Yesterday’s #HulkVsGawk tweets were phenomenal, but I’m not sure if any of yesterday’s action stacks up to what just transpired in the courthouse. While under oath, Terry ‘Hulk’ Hogan was forced to finally address a topic that he’s been dangling in front of Hulk fans’ mouths for years: the length of his schlong.

You see, many years ago Hulk Hogan went on the ‘Bubba’ radio show and said that he would reveal his penis length to fans if they got his daughter’s album to #1 on the music charts. In today’s trial the Hulkster was forced to listen to that clip and then address the topic of whether or not he’s rocking a 10-inch hog.

As mentioned above, the CNN reporter in the courtroom is live tweeting everything. That led to this amazing string of tweets about the real size of Hulk Hogan’s dingaling:

So there you have it. While Hulk Hogan might be packing a hog in his spandex shorts (you would know this if you’ve seen his sex tape, I cannot firm his length because I haven’t watched his video), Hulk DOES NOT have a 10-inch-long dick.

For highlights of yesterday’s proceedings in the ‘Gawker v Hogan’ trial you can CLICK HERE to see our full recap.

As a native Floridian who grew up just down the road from where Hulk Hogan lives I’ll certainly be following this trial very closely. In the meantime here’s a Hulk Hogan meme to keep you busy until the next big news:



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