Jimmy Kimmel’s Father’s Day Prank Was Perfect And Scared The Sh*t Out Of Dads Everywhere

by 1 year ago

Jimmy Kimmel’s best-known prank is his Halloween Candy gag where he has parents film themselves telling kids they ate all the candy and watching the kids have a meltdown. His Father’s Day prank would be a clear favorite for ‘second best prank’ but Jimmy changes the prank every year to keep dads on their toes.

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel asked sons to shoot dad with a garden hose and film it. Prior to that, Jimmy asked people to serve dad breakfast while he was in the shower. This year, Jimmy got people to sneak up on dad and scream ‘I love you, dad’ as loud as possible. Naturally, dads all across the nation shit their pants when they were snuck up on and had someone screaming loud as hell.

Some people snuck up on dad while he was sleeping in bed. Others would wait until Dad was unsuspecting before screaming in his face and throwing him in the pool. Dad got caught on the toilet. Other dads got caught while cleaning the pool. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t need to terrorize dads for Father’s Day, he’s a father himself and knows the terrors of fatherhood. He’s just out there doing the Lord’s work, making sure dads never get too complacent in the household. God bless him for it.

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