The Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Saga Has Taken Yet Another Twist

iggy azalea sex tape rumors


Will this alleged Iggy Azalea sex tape ever see the light of day? One minute we think yes, the next we think no. Today, once again, it’s looking less likely. But hey, there’s always tomorrow.

Here’s the latest from TMZ

Iggy Azalea was totally taken advantage of by the ex-boyfriend/producer who says he shot a sex tape with her — because she says the creep also illegally copied data from her laptop.

Iggy filed a federal lawsuit against Hefe Wine … accusing him of downloading the entire contents of her personal computer back in 2009 while they were living together in Atlanta. She says the data included unreleased master recordings.

In July, Hefe announced he was putting out a new EP from Iggy that will “shock the world.” Iggy’s lawsuit accuses him of directly using, or at the very least, converting the stolen data to create this new release.

Oh, and that signed document that Hefe Wine produced that would pretty much give him the rights to release the alleged sex tape involving himself and Iggy? She says that’s a fake too.

I have to hand to Iggy in at least one regard. With all this finagling over who owns what and consented to what and at what age rigamarole she’s using to control the situation she’s almost made it that I’m so tired of hearing about it I don’t even care if it comes out anymore. Almost.

Side Note: Anyone else out there think that ALL OF THIS is just made up PR nonsense fabricated and leaked to assorted parties just to get and keep the names Iggy Azalea and Hefe Wine in the public eye because lord knows everyone’s ears perk up when the words “sex tape” are uttered. Like the inconsistency of Hefe Wine saying that the tape was from a computer of his that was stolen, yet now he suddenly has the rights to it and no one has made any mention of you know, who actually has the computer (and the tape) in their possession since his initial claim of ignorance?

Eh, probably not. It’s not like people in the entertainment industry have ever fabricated controversies to try to make money, right?

Iggy Azalea image by Featureflash/Shutterstock

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