We’re Looking for the Most Intense Sports Dads in the Country—Is Yours One of Them?

This time our theme is sports, and we're looking for the craziest, most obsessed sports dads around — but not simply armchair quarterbacks. Rather, we're looking for Dads devoted to helping their kids achieve greatness on the sports field.

In particular, we're looking for young Bros still in high school whose Dads wake them up and drive them to practice every morning. Has your Dad hired you (or even your younger brother) a personal trainer or specialized position coach? Can he get a little too overheated at the refs at one of your games? Will he stop at nothing until you're an All-American with a scholarship to a D-I powerhouse?

If all of this sounds like your dad — or a dad or group of dads in your hometown — fill out the short form below and we'll get in touch.