Crime Scene Investigator Explains Why The Blood Vial In ‘Making A Murderer’ Was Absolute Evidence Trash

It’s been almost four months since Making a Murderer premiered, and even though Steven Avery’s new lawyer has been tweeting up a storm about the murder suspect she’s discovered, seemingly no legitimate progress has been made on getting Avery out of prison.

Speaking frankly, that’s fucking befuddling – especially when crime scene investigators from all over have come forward to explain how the evidence used in his trial is almost complete garbage. In the above video, UK investigator Chris Gee explains how the Manitowoc County law enforcement may not have done everything possible in order to protect the integrity of the evidence they collected:

Chris explains that if evidence bags are opened, they must be resealed with an exhibit label, which would be stuck over the cut made to the bag.

The exhibit label would feature some brief details about where the bag was opened and why. Most importantly, it would have the signature of the person who opened the bag.
Chris points out: “The EDTA bottle that we saw in the Steven Avery case didn’t seem to have an exhibit label with it.

“The exhibit label will have all the details about who seized it, what time, where it was seized.(via)

Yeah guys, literally all you had to do was throw a sticker on that bitch and you could’ve saved yourself the 200K+ people on the Internet screaming at you for framing Steven Avery. You know your police force has fucked up priorities when they’re willing to put in all the effort of framing the wrong guy, but then can’t even follow through with it by at least faking the evidence with even a shred of intelligence; embarrassing.

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