The Internet Is Flipping Out Over This ISIS Member Who Looks Like Drake And I Honestly Cannot Tell Them Apart



So it looks like Drake wasn’t satisfied with murdering just Meek Mill. He has bigger plans–like a nuclear tsunami to wipe out millions. Or at least that’s what this picture of an ISIS member that is circulating around the internet today would suggest.

The dude in the photo has an uncanny resemblance to Drake, especially in his Degrassi younger years when he was rocking the mini fro. The similarities are so abundant  that the hashtag Drake ISIS was trending on Twitter today. And for good reason. I thought it was him for at least eight seconds.

Am I crazy? Or is Drake?

Drake himself can’t even tell the difference:


Drizzy Drake seems to be the subject of dopplegangers from all corners of the Earth. Check out a couple of best:






Nailed it.

[h/t Complex]