Constipated? James Franco’s Got You Covered In His Motivational ‘Just Poo It’ Video

Last week Shia LaBeouf dropped his latest art project, a green-screen video of him screaming for sixty seconds trying to be all motivational by ripping off Nike’s ‘Just Do It!’ slogan. As far as Shia LaBeouf art projects go this one should probably be considered a masterpiece. Today James Franco dropped ‘Just Poo It!’, equal part motivational video for people who are constipated and are having trouble going number two, and equal part art project (because it is James Franco after all).

In the ‘Great Motivational Wars of the Summer of 2015’ between James Franco and Shia LaBeouf I’m going to just shut it down now and call James Franco the winner. The video is better. He’s more motivational. In his ‘Just Poo It’ video James Franco’s actually seeking to cause some positive change in the world that can be quantified, unlike Shia who’s casting a wide net in hopes that someone somewhere might stop eating chips, or something like that.

James Franco > Shia LaBeouf:

…dat shirt tho!

My only question about all of this is ‘why did James Franco choose to use a potato to film his ‘Just Poo It’ video?’ He has unlimited resources, why film in 240p? Just doesn’t seem right.