Natalie Portman Is A Badass Cowgirl In The Newest Trailer For ‘Jane Got A Gun’

by 3 years ago

Natalie Portman getting her Wild West on? Yeah, where do I sign up?

No way this film – which is more than five years in the making at this point – can disappoint. Not with Natalie Portman playing the starring role of Jane Hammond, a badass cowgirl who teams with her estranged husband to seek some retribution on the Bishop Boys gang. The lovely lady hasn’t had a major film role since since 2013 in Thor: The Dark World, so if she’s sinking so much time into this project, you can only hope it’s worth it.

Admittedly, the film’s release was delayed several times over due to circumstances completely out of Portman’s control, but seriously, this trailer packs a major punch. Good acting, gritty gun fight scenes, and a pretty heralded script to (cowboy) boot. Check it out.

So, is Jane Got A Gun gonna be good, or what!?

Natalie Portman Hell yeah


Yee-haw. The film rides into theaters January 29, 2016.

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