Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Insulting Each Other Face To Face Is Proof They Truly Are Best Bros

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been making the press rounds promoting their new film, Passengers, which hits theaters on December 20th. Along the way, Chris has been pranking Jen by cropping her out of all of his Instagram posts, and while Jennifer’s yet to respond with a prank of her own it’s pretty damn obvious that these two are very close friends. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re best bros.

In the clip above we get to see just how much Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt love each other because only the best of bros can look each other in the eyes and hurl insults for five minutes straight. The premise of this sketch is ‘playground insults’, a recurring gag on BBC Radio 1, and the game’s over when one of the contestants starts laughing so hard they lose their composure OR one of them drops an insult so atomic there’s no coming back from it.

I fully expected J-Law to emerge as the victor here because she’s pretty fucking crass, but Chris Pratt dropped an insult about ‘her dick’ which had her immediately laughing and ultimately she extended her hand in defeat, to shake on her loss. Great stuff. They seem like they’d be a great duo to work with one day…Jen, Chris, if you’re reading this, holler at me (@casspa on Twitter) and I’ll happily come run errands for you on the set in between blog posts one day.

(h/t r/videos)