Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Gripping A Tape Measure Got Photoshopped to HELL And Back (Sexy, Sexy Hell)

This is one of those photos that you really cannot fault Jennifer Lawrence for taking. Well, to be fair I have no idea as to why she took this photo in the first place, or what she was doing gripping that tape measure like it’s some sort of flesh rocket straight out of Debbie Does Dallas. That said, when Jennifer Lawrence was up on that stage grasping the tape measure she surely didn’t thinking for one second that the Internet would get ahold of that photo and photoshop it to Hell and back.

This picture was shared on the popular subreddit Photoshop Battles, a forum where one user will post a picture that s/he believes to have incredible potential with photoshop and after that the hive mind goes to town. Most recently I posted a collection of Taylor Swift photoshops from the 2016 Grammy Awards, so you should definitely check those out after you scroll through the best Jennifer Lawrence photoshops below (the last one below is by far the best, it’s her porn movie poster and I’m thinking about framing it).

Below you can see the photo that started it all, and by scrolling you’ll see the very best Jennifer Lawrence photoshops. Just a heads up though, the ones at the bottom might be considered NSFW for some of you, so scroll at your own risk.

The first photo:

He never quits:

If you know what I mean” — Mr. Bean

You knew that Jenga was coming:


Dat butt:

P.s., don’t worry, the best (and possibly NSFW) ones are down below:

This ‘Nightlock’ one will only really make sense if you’ve seen the Hunger Games:

This one actually seemed the most obvious to me of all the options:




I guess this one makes sense with the Marilyn Monroe comparisons:

Now we’re getting into some of the NSFW stuff here, so be careful scrolling (unless it’s totally cool of you to browse sex toys at work)

and last but not least…the best one of them all:

As mentioned above, there were some pretty glorious Taylor Swift photoshops recently so if you’re still looking for more then CLICK HERE for the glorious (and probably NSFW) goods.

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