Someone Snapped A Photo Of Taylor Swift Posing Backstage And The Internet Had A Field Day With Photoshop

Taylor Swift was looking pretty fly for a white girl at this year’s Grammy Awards, but you know that already. By now you’ve surely seen the video of her calling out Kanye West in her acceptance speech after winning the Grammy Award for ‘Album of the Year’ (if you haven’t, see that video here), and chances are you’ve also seen pics of Taylor looking sexy as hell on the red carpet (see those here).

What you probably haven’t seen yet is the photo that was snapped of Taylor Swift back stage at the Grammys that the Internet then had an absolute field day with using Photoshop (some sexy NSFW options in there too). If this concept looks familiar it’s because we’ve posted a few of these Photoshop Battles here on BroBible in the past, but I must admit that Taylor getting the PsBattles treatment is my favorite yet. Just get scrolling and you’ll see what I mean…

Here’s the photo of Taylor Swift that set off the Internet shenanigans, leading some some of the greatest photoshops we’ve ever seen…some are pretty sexy and NSFW…I had to bury the best/sexiest/most NSFW one last, so make sure you at least scroll to the bottom for Taylor’s naughty bits:

Now for the goods:

And last, but certainly not least:

Well bros, that wraps up the coverage on my end. There were a lot more of these photoshops over on Reddit’s PsBattles, so you want to keep scrolling through for more then CLICK HERE to see all of them.