Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Looked Like The Sexiest BFFs Ever On The Grammys Red Carpet

In case you missed the Grammys on Sunday night, that’s okay. Just like the approximately 182 other celebrity awards shows it was just another three-plus hours of rich, beautiful and very famous people telling each other how rich, beautiful and very famous they are.

The only difference between the Grammys and many of the other awards shows is that there are usually actually performances that not only entertain, in some cases they are actually very much worth watching.

But hey, I get it if you missed it for the reasons I mentioned above. No sweat.

However, if you did miss it then you missed out on what BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wore on the Grammys red carpet. And that was something I just couldn’t let you get away without seeing.

For me, these two put on the best performances of the night and all they had to do was stand there and pose for the camera. In fact, Swift looked so good I bet you don’t even notice that she chopped off a bunch of her hair. I know I didn’t… at first.