Here’s Every Time Jian-Yang Owned Erlich Bachman on ‘Silicon Valley’ In The Best TV Bromance Ever

by 2 years ago

Erlich Bachman played by actor/comedian T.J. Miller won’t be appearing on next season of Silicon Valley, or any season after that. His run on the TV series has come to an end. In an exit interview, T.J. Miller spoke very candidly about his decision to leave HBO’s #2 comedy behind Veep. You can read all of the important parts from TJ’s interview HERE, but I’d like to say that T.J. Miller thinking the Emoji Movie will be the next big thing in comedy is the MOST Erlich Bachman statement imaginable.

Jian-Yang…Ah, Jian-Yang. The venomous bromance shared between Erlich Bachman and Jian-Yang was one of the main character dynamics that made Silicon Valley so perfect over the past few seasons. I wish I could say that T.J. Miller’s departure from the show on Sunday night’s season finale was in any way lachrymose, but it was pretty anti-climactic, and it was 100% the way I’d expect Erlich Bachman to leave the series.

Above, Super Deluxe put together that supercut showing every time that Jian-Yang totally owned Erlich Bachman over the past several seasons. Instead of looking forward to the next season of Silicon Valley and Richard Hendricks’ attempt to finally make Pied Piper worth a shit, let’s first look back and appreciate the best HBO bromance ever.

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