Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Kristen Wiig As ‘Peyton Manning’ And I Haven’t Laughed This Hard In A Long Time

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon hosted Peyton Manning as a guest on The Tonight Show and on Thursday night, oh look, Peyton dropped by again!

Except he’s looking more like Kristen Wiig than ever before and he can’t seem to remember the score by which his Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50, let alone throw a football with any reasonable accuracy. Something’s up here…

Honestly, this was one of the funniest Tonight Show segments I’ve seen in ages, as is usually the case when Kristen Wiig tries her hand at playing professional athletes she knows nothing about. Fallon egging her on just makes it even better.

Zero chance at keeping a straight face all the way through this one.

[h/t Complex]