Jimmy Fallon’s Dead-On Mike Tyson Impression Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

by 3 years ago

Jimmy Fallon played a little game of “First Impressions” with Josh Brolin and Kate McKinnon on The Tonight Show, which — in case you’re not familiar with — means they take turns picking random celebrities to impersonate. It began slowly, with Josh Brolin handed the unfortunate card of “Regis Philbin,” but things picked up QUICKLY when Jimmy Fallon was given the almighty task of impersonating Mike Tyson.

Let’s get straight to the greatness:


Yup, that’ll do it. Fallon, of course, could barely get through his next line without cracking up before finally being relieved of the frightening duty.

It also must be noted that Kate McKinnon’s impression of Christopher Walken at the 1:50 mark and Pee-Wee Herman at the 4:16 mark were both hysterical and worth a look.

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