Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids ‘What Is Love?’ And Got Some Of The Most ‘WTF’ Answers

There’s one kid in this video who answers the question “Do you think Tinder is a good way to meet people?” with “As long as it’s chicken.” Chicken? Yes, chicken. Because it turns out the kid thought the interviewer said “Do you think TENDER is a good way to meet people?” and automatically realized that eating chicken tenders is the quickest way to any girl’s heart (assuming she likes them, of course). Be on the lookout for that kid on future Nobel Prize recipient lists, because he’s a goddamn GENIUS.

The rest of these kids? Eh, not so much. You get your typical “Love is gross” answers out of a few of them, and then one girl outs her friend for pretending she has a boyfriend when in reality it was actually a stuffed animal. Savage. But not nearly as savage as the little boy who evades answering so that he can spin around and do karate kicks instead. Chicken tenders and physical fitness: my only two weaknesses in the opposite sex.

[H/T Uproxx]