Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Matt Damon Tribute’ At The Oscars Was A Perfect Roast Of Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel hates Matt Damon. Matt Damon hates Jimmy Kimmel. Or, this is at least the public persona they keep up if they’re somehow secretly BFFL’s in private, but I don’t think they are.

As the host of the Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was expected to be in close proximity to his A-list pal Matt Damon and I think most of us expected Jimmy to bust out the latest chapter in his feud. It started with a ‘Matt Damon Tribute’ which was really just a clip from We Bought A Zoo, one of Matt Damon’s questionable movie roles, and it featured Jimmy critiquing Matt’s acting choices.

From there, Matt Damon appeared on the stage with best friend Ben Affleck where Jimmy brought the orchestra up to ‘play him off’. Somehow, this wasn’t even close to being the highlight of the night at the Academy Awards because that honor went to the ‘Steve Harvey moment‘ that has all of Hollywood talking…I still can’t believe Warren Beatty fucked that one up.