Watch A Bunch Of Idiots On Jimmy Kimmel Get Tricked Into Thinking An iPhone 5S Is The New iPhone

by 2 years ago

Normally I’d shit all over these people for not being able to tell the difference between two different generations of iPhones, and as you can see I even started doing so in the title – but then I sat. I sat here, thought about it for about 10 seconds, then decided that even though these people are definitely fools for spewing out bullshit just to look “cool” on camera, it’s actually plausible that you could mistake the 5S for the new iPhone SE.

According to Uproxx “the only fundamental difference between the two is that the iPhone SE is faster, due to having an iPhone 6S’s processor crammed inside of it, and has a better camera.” In other words, the main variation is one that you can’t necessarily see from the outside. So unless these people are highly perceptive (they’re not) and can tell when they’re using a 6S processor as opposed to a 5S processor (they can’t), it’s really an unfair challenge.

[H/T Uproxx]

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