JK Rowling Officially Revealed The Real Reason Why The Dursleys Hated Harry Potter So Much

Harry Potter is lowkey but also highkey one of my favorite franchises. There’s always the whole argument amongst us editors here if we would rather live in the Game of Thrones universe or the Harry Potter universe. Personally, I’d rather stay in Harry Potter’s world than Westeros. For one, people pretty much drop like flies in Westeros. For another, I’m not unconvinced that we don’t already live in Harry Potter’s world. Wizards and witches go out of their way to hide from us Muggles. I get it. We’re not that fun. The only things we can make float away is our paychecks. I’m no wizard, but I wouldn’t mind meeting one.

One question I always had about the franchise was why, exactly, did the Dursleys hate Harry? For awhile, I thought they were just afraid of magic in general, but then there was the question of why they even took him in the first place. Then I figured it was because they hated his parents but, again, why take him in? So it’s interesting to discover that it’s less about actual hatred and more about regret for how they had multiple chances to create a relationship and constantly ruined it. So, while Harry also reminds them of their failings, they see taking him in as a sort of penance, despite their simultaneous deep-seated distrust of him.