61-Year-Old J.K. Simmons Is Absolutely Shredded In Preparation For His Upcoming Role In ‘Justice League’

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Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

There’s a point in a man’s life when his metabolism comes to a screeching halt. At around 30 years old, one must work twice as hard to obtain half the results. Energy decreases, sex drive loses steam, and as Sonny says in Big Daddy, ‘Now I have a chocolate shake, and my ass jiggles for a week.’ The trials and tribulations of becoming an old man get the best of most of us.

But not J.K. Simmons. No, no, not J.K. Simmons. The 61-year-old Whiplash star is preparing for his role as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie and has turned himself into a goddamn Transformer.

Simmons can credit his G.I. Joe physique to Aaron Williamson, a retired Marine who was selected to become personal security for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after spending an emotionally taxing 4 years conducting funerals out of Arlington National Cemetery. Williamson’s discipline and passion for fitness catapulted him to train Hollywood’s A-list actors in preparation for roles–namely Sylvester Stallone, The Rock, Zach Efron and now J.K. Simmons.

Williamson’s pictured here with the People’s Champ.


Yo Aaron, how bout running me through a few sessions to get rid of these bitch tits? I can pay you in weed and the skunked beer that’s left in my fridge.

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