John Cena Answers Questions From Random New Yorkers Like ‘What That Mouth Do?’

by 9 months ago

This is actually an amazing format for an interview. Vanity Fair grabbed random New Yorkers off the street and recorded them asking absurd questions, the first questions that popped into their heads, and they had no idea specifically who would be answering those questions. The people knew was a celebrity would be answering the questions, but they didn’t know that celebrity would be John Cena.

‘Do you like being a celebrity?’…’I don’t consider myself one’…Are you fucking kidding me, John Cena? I know you are one of the most humble men alive, or at least that’s the public persona you’re shoving down our throats. But how in the actual shit do you not consider yourself a celebrity? You are a WWE Superstar and world famous Hollywood actor who cannot walk down a single street in America without being recognized. You hosted the ESPY’s. If you don’t consider yourself a celebrity then just what in the fuck do you think constitutes a celebrity?

Like I said before, this is actually an amazing format for an interview because the questions are so fresh. Inevitably, any time you sit down with a famous person for an interview the same questions pop up…’Tell me about what you’re working on’…’How did you get your start in show business?’….’Can I get your address and what type of sheets do you sleep on?’…These are all normal questions to ask a celebrity. ‘What the mouth do?’ is not a normal question to ask John Cena and I’m glad someone did because now we know, it talks.

(h/t Vanity Fair YouTube)

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