Jon Stewart Made A Surprise Appearance On ‘Colbert’ With A Message For The Media: ‘Get Your Groove Back’

Jon Stewart has *probably* been losing his mind in retirement. He touches on how bored he is briefly in this clip from last night, in which he appeared out of thin air on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After Jon belabors the recent rash of lying on the podium he then echoes a sentiment I’ve been hearing A LOT lately from both sides: media, get your shit together.

It took him a while to get to his point in this rant, but ultimately I agree with the message Jon Stewart drove home at the end. The media needs to stop obsessing over what Trump thinks of them, or how they’re being talked about on Facebook. They need to get back to reporting about stories that fucking matter, and not about how Trump eats his steak like a serial killer, ordered well done and served with ketchup. Sure, it’s fun to rib Trump for eating his steak like an absolute psychopath but that’s not what the greatest journalists on the planet should be covering. Leave the trashing of people’s diets to folks like myself.

These days, Jon Stewart’s living his life on a 12-acre farm where he and his wife rescue farm animals they save from slaughterhouses, and they’ve just been given the approval to open a 45-acre animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals. He seems to be a man teetering on the brink of insanity, a self-imposed mental illness Jon’s possibly suffering from due to living in isolation surrounded by farm animals while LIVING AS A VEGETARIAN. Yes, Jon Stewart is a vegetarian. He gave up meat back in 2015 due to ‘ethical reasons‘, and I have to imagine that being surrounded by delicious farm animals while only eating leafy greens could be classified as cruel and unusual punishment. Is this new diet affecting Jon Stewart’s brain and general outlook on life? Probably not, I just enjoy harassing vegetarians from time to time for ignoring their physiology as an omnivore.