Beginning Today Comedy Central’s Streaming Every Episode Of ‘The Daily Show’ In A Row, Over 2,000 Episodes

As we waltz towards Jon Stewart’s final episode as the host of The Daily Show on August 6th, Comedy Central just announced that beginning today at noon they’ll be streaming every episode of The Daily Show ever filmed (over 2,000 episodes) IN A ROW. So I hope you bros didn’t have anything planned between now and August, because it’s about to be an excellent ‘Summer of Streaming Jon’. Actually, it’s not the Summer of Streaming Jon at all, as Comedy Central is calling it ‘Your Month of Zen’.

Beginning today (Friday, June 26th, 2015) you will be able to stream The Daily Show marathon by clicking this ol’ link right here. So click that, bookmark it, and buckle in for the best month of your life.

This can be a chance for you to catch up on the past two decades of news you might have missed, or just to take a walk down memory lane. It’s going to be a sad day on August 6th when Jon Stewart steps down as the host of The Daily Show, but hopefully this will soften the blow a little fro some of you bros.

[h/t to The Verge]