Jon Stewart Showed Up On ‘The Late Show’ Last Night With Stephen Colbert For A Truly Unique Monologue

I hadn’t heard any news that Jon Stewart would be on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert but now that I’ve seen this clip it makes absolutely perfect sense that Stephen’s best friend Jon would be there on election even to spit water in his good buddy’s face, not once but twice. This was all part of a ‘LIVE’ show Stephen put on last night, something we rarely see in Late Night TV these days.

It will be shocking if Jon Stewart isn’t back on The Late Show tonight for Election Day 2016, but then again Jon Stewart chose to retire during a fucking U.S. Presidential Election, one of the most shocking moves in TV history, so I guess all bets are off. The two men clearly rehearsed this sketch for quite some time since it was a friggin’ musical. And not just any musical, one that had a child actress singing her face off and Jon spitting water all of Stephen, repeatedly. Definitely one of the weirdest monologues I’ve seen on late night TV during this election, and not necessarily the bit I’d expect from Jon and Stephen on Election Eve, but here we are…

(h/t UPROXX)