Justin Bieber Gropes Ariana Grande On Stage And Her Boyfriend Big Sean Was NOT Happy About It

by 5 years ago
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Justin Bieber still doesn’t quite get how the world works.

Justin Bieber, known not giver of fucks, was on stage at The Forum in L.A. with Ariana Grande singing “As Long As You Love Me” when Biebs decided to get very handsy with Ariana. Oh, did we mention that Grande’s boyfriend Big Sean saw it all? Because he did.

As you can see from the video, Ariana Grande reacted as most sane women would when Justin Bieber puts his hands where they don’t belong and kind of gives him the side eye while extricating herself from the situation.

Big Sean, apparently did NOT take too kindly to Bieber’s moves either, tweeting and then deleting, “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

Big Sean also tweeted and deleted, “Wow.” Which is pretty much what most boyfriends reactions would have been had some guy just tried to inappropriately put his hands on their girlfriend.

Bieber’s thoughts on the evening?

Typical Bieber. Clueless as usual.

EDITOR’S NOTE: TMZ initially reported that Big Sean was at the concert, but he was actually in Canada and reportedly caught wind of Bieber’s actions there. We have since corrected the error.

EDITOR’S NOTE #2: TMZ is now saying that the tweet about Big Sean being mad at Justin Bieber they initially said came from Twitter is a fake.

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