Justin Bieber Got In Trouble For Kicking A Soccer Ball Around The Vatican

Justin Bieber recently visited Rome with his dad and because God apparently doesn’t think he’s a douchebag he somehow scored a private after-hours tour of Vatican City. Part of that tour included visiting the Vatican Museums and the Papal Apartments where reportedly Bieber got scolded for kicking around a soccer ball around in the hallways.

Of course that could all be bullshit since the Vatican has not actually issued any comment, however, your honor, I would like to present Exhibit A for the prosecution, captioned with one simple word, “Vatican.”

CTV speculates that maybe “Bieber is still fuming about the time, in 2012, that the Vatican boasted then-Pope Benedict had beaten out Bieber to set a percentage record for most retweets by his followers? At that time, Pope Benedict had 2.1 million followers on Twitter, only eight days after his first tweet. In comparison, Bieber had about 31.7 million followers.”

Yeah, that probably wasn’t the reason.

Now part of me honestly has to admit this is a bit of a bro move because who out there wouldn’t want to kick a soccer ball around the Vatican? Then again, another, larger part of me just wants to hate on Bieber for being an entitled jerk with no respect for anyone or anything because he knows he’s bulletproof and can do whatever he wants.

Damn you, Bieber, for making me almost think you did something kind of cool for a second.

Justin Bieber image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock