Canadian Hero Justin Bieber Came *This Close* To Dropping Mitts In A Hockey Fight The Other Day

When talking about Justin Bieber, I always think it’s important to remember that he and his Ed Hardy-loving father are Canada’s product, not home sweet home, the good ole U-S-A. Given his overwhelming Canadian-ness, Bieber still likes to lace up and hit the ice every now and then, which means the occasional good natured hockey scrap.

In a beer league game at Valley Ice Center in California, Biebs came *thissssss closeeeee* to dropping his mitts when someone on defense tomahawked his stick, splintering it in half. Bieber gets a little chirpy and, if it weren’t for the ref reminding them it’s a damn beer league game, they probably would have slugged it out for a few.

It’s a shame that didn’t happen. If you play hockey with Bieber, how do you not pretend like he’s Crosby and hit ’em hard and dirty Every. Single. Time. A hockey fight with that dude where the normal rules of fighting don’t count is the damn Bro dream.

Check out the moment here, via TMZ:

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