Justin Bieber Just Bought A $1.4 Million LaFerrari Super Car Because He Has Money And I Don’t

Hot off his feast of ‘humblie pie’ during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, Justin sat down with USA Today to talk about life, how he’s changed, and the ridiculously expensive LaFerrari super car he just purchased for $1.4 MILLION DOLLARS. Because if there’s ONE SURE WAY to let the public know you’ve changed back into your ol’ humble ways it’s to purchase a car so expensive and exclusive that most of the world will never even lay eyes on one of them, not even in pictures.

USA Today’s Marco della Cava sat down with Justin Bieber to talk about life, the Roast, and the ridiculous purchases Bieber has made in recent days:

Q: Was being roasted by famous comedians who are always out for blood strange?

A: I’m human, so some of the things they said stung a little, but I took it on the chin, owned up to some of the funny, dumb things that have happened. But some of the stuff isn’t true, like the drag racing thing (in Miami), they showed that my speedometer said I was never speeding. But overall it was really good, very funny, with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell coming out. That was definitely my favorite part, Will. Man, when he came out (as Ron Burgundy) and said “No, Justin’s been doing everything right.” That was so funny.

Q: And what were you constantly sipping on throughout the roast? Was that water or something better than water?

A: Yeah, that was water. (Laughs) It was my 21st birthday so I could have made it something else. But I had a big night that night, I had to make sure I was hydrated. I went to Vegas that night, right after.

Q: Speaking of driving cars quickly, what are you driving these days?

A: I’m still driving my Ferrari. It’s a 458 Italia, and I just got the LaFerrari (the company’s exclusive $1.4 million supercar), it should be coming soon.

Just to put that in perspective: Justin Bieber now owns 0.2% of all the LaFerrari’s in the world, that’s how exclusive this car is.

Some more pics of Justin’s new purchase:

I’ve covered the LaFerrari program quite a bit here in the past, and it’s quite a kick to the dick to know that Justin Bieber is now sitting on 0.2% of all the LaFerrari’s in existence (only 499 LaFerrari’s were ever made).

If you watched the Roast of Justin Bieber then at some point it became painfully obvious to you that the entire event was an elaborate ruse to rehabilitate the Beebs’ public image. After all his antics over the past few year Justin Bieber’s public person has taken a massive hit. He’s no longer this young kid from Canada who turned YouTube stardom into world fame, he’s just some asshole who’s (allegedly?) egging his neighbor’s house and getting punched by Orlando Bloom while on vacation in Europe. Behavior like that doesn’t sell records to teenage girls, so in an effort to make him more humble and down to earth his team obviously hatched the ‘Roast’ as a way to soften Justin in the eyes of the public.

To some extent it worked. It was nice to see him up there swallowing the piles of dung dumped down his throat by some of our nation’s biggest comedians (and random celebrities), but then at the end Justin got up and gave some really long-winded speech about how he apologizes for everything, and how he’s really a great guy, and blah blah blah…and during that entire speech I kept waiting for him to drop jokes, because after all it was a roast. Instead it was a cheesy apology to the public, further confirming the entire roast was a ruse to get us all to like him again. And then the news dropped that they cut Hannibal Buress’ joke about how it was all some elaborate plot to make Justin more likable, and thus it was 100% confirmed.

So what does Justin do to keep his campaign of humility and good will going? He buys a $1.4 MILLION super car, the LaFerrari. He has the money, he’s allowed to spend it however the hell he wants, and if we had his money we’d probably all buy the same thing. Only we don’t have the money, we’re not Justine Beaver, and we don’t own a LaFerrari.

But at the end of the day I’m just hating because I don’t have his money. So good on him for spending it however he chooses. According to this site, Justin Bieber’s net worth is valued at over $200 MILLION, and last year alone (2014) he earned more than $80 MILLION.

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