The Ferrari FXX K Has Horns That Cry Out With The Terror Of A Thousand Deadly Animals, It’s Vintage F1 Reborn

The Ferrari FXX K made its track debut to much acclaim, and in its debut it unleashed a roar that hasn’t been heard on a track in many moons. The sound emanating from this marvel of machinery is enough to shake the bowels of even the most blasé racing fans.

Last week I brought you the first look at the new Ferrari FXX-K, a track only car conceived from an elite think tank of engineers. Coming in at a track-shaking 1,035 horsepower, the Ferrari FXX K looks AND sounds like the F1 cars of yesteryear.

It has that truly guttural sound that has long been shunned by noise-pollution claimers, and until now I didn’t realize just how important that sound was to the overall visceral experience of F1 racing.

This is easily the only racing-related video you need to watch this week. Turn the volume up AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE on this and behold the awesomeness that is the Ferrari FXX-K (maybe not as loud as possible, but turn it up to get the true effect):

tip of the hat to Jalopnik for finding and sharing this video

Another video of that INCREDIBLE ROAR:


Ferrari Just Unveiled Their FXX-K Model And I Want To Have Sex In It, On It, And Possibly With It