Justin Bieber Ruins A Group Of Eager Beliebers’ Lives After Telling Them They Suck Before A Concert

Say what you want about Biebs, but this was fucking hilarious. There has been no moment in the entirety of those sixteen year old girls’ lives that was more important than getting Bieber’s attention right then. This was their collective moment in the sun. They paid $272 of daddy’s money to go to the concert, $40 for a tee-shirt, $22 for an alcohol-free pina colada, and now they’ll have to cough up a few grand for therapy after their idol told them the truth.

But on some level, this scares the shit out of me. My biggest fear is meeting one of my idols and them treating me like a piece of shit. Actually my biggest fear is dying in a messy hot air balloon accident, but this follows closely behind. Like if Clay Aiken called me a ‘dickless virgin’ before one of his concerts at Chili’s, I’d probably go home, get in my car, close the garage door, turn on the engine, and drift off to sleep. Forever.

“Justin my grandmother stitched you this t-shirt before she died! Use it as inspiration!….”

Don’t worry girls, there has to be a valid explanation…

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[h/t Metro]

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