Kanye West’s Hospitalization May Trigger Huge Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Payout For The Rapper

by 4 years ago


Maybe Kanye West isn’t so crazy after all.

Kanye’s recent hospitalization could lead to a huge insurance payout for the rapper who was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation just a few hours after cancelling his Saint Pablo tour.

According to TMZ, Ye has an insurance policy in place that covers him if an illness prevents him performing and it takes care of not only the money he would have made on the tour, but also money that he owes venues and others he made contracts with.


The rapper not only reportedly lost around $30 mil for his cut of the remaining concerts, but he’s on the hook for venues and others with whom he made contracts.
TMZ has learned … Kanye had an insurance policy that covered him in the event illness prevented him from performing. The policy provides the insurance carrier will pay Kanye for not only the money he’d make but the money he was obligated to pay others if “accident or illness … prevents any Insured Person from appearing or continuing to appear in any or all of the Insured Performance(s) or Event(s).”

TMZ also reports that the insurance company could deny the claim if Kanye had a preexisting condition that he didn’t disclose before the policy was issued, or if his illness was caused by his “unreasonable or capricious behavior.”

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