Kate Beckinsale Telling Penis Jokes Is Just One More Reason Why We Love Her So Damn Much

If I had to pick one female celebrity to marry based strictly on their public persona it would be Kate Beckinsale. I’ve had a crush on her for so long I don’t even remember when it started.

Oh yeah, she’s also now single since she and her idiot husband are getting a divorce.

Why would anyone EVER divorce this woman?! She’s drop-dead gorgeous. She can kick some ass when called upon in movies (Underworld). And she’s funny as hell. Does not compute.

Anyway, for proof of what an off-the-wall sense of humor (and dirty mind) Beckinsale has, just check out her interview below from Wednesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

During the interview Beckinsale revealed one of her secret hobbies is turning fruit into penises. No, seriously.

“It’s not hard,” said Kate, laughing when she realized she just made a perfect double entendre. “It’s not hard in the sense that it’s not difficult. You do have to have an eye and you do obviously have to have a desire to do it, which I have in spades. I do that quite a lot.”

She even admitted that one time her penis hobby got her daughter in trouble in sixth grade when she doodled a penis on Lily’s homework.

Beckinsale did clarify that her obsession is only limited to the fruit and vegetable kind, “I like the fruit version. It’s not like I’m obsessed with all people’s penises. It’s always funny if it’s vegetables and fruit.”


And if you aren’t following Kate Beckinsale on social media you are really missing out because she’s goddamn hilarious on both Instagram as well as Twitter.

Some examples…

Now do you see why I want to marry this woman? Swoon…

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