Katy Perry Did A Spot-On Guy Fieri Imitation And Now My Brain Doesn’t Work Right Anymore

katy perry guy fieri imitation pic

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In case you somehow miraculously hadn’t heard by now (congrats on having a life) Katy Perry recently cut almost all of her hair off.

You see that photo above? That’s the BEFORE picture, if you can believe it.

Here are the AFTERS…

Anyway, yesterday Perry posted a photo of herself to Instagram imitating Guy Fieri.

Part of her caption read “#nevergettinglaidday” and now my brain has completely locked up and isn’t functioning right anymore.

Between that and Chrissy Teigen doing an imitation of Fieri awhile back I now never want to take a trip Flavortown again.

If either of these ladies start calling things “money” I might actually have to seek professional help.

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