Did Kel Mitchell Hint At A Possible ‘Kenan & Kel’ Reunion During Comic Con?

The short answer: yes. Technically.

Kel Mitchell is best known for his starring role as “Kel” on Kenan & Kel in the 1990’s on Nickelodeon as well as being fake-dead (there was a rumor going around in the mid 00’s about how he had died…probably an orange soda OD or something), and despite an IMDB page full of television roles he hasn’t quite found the same popularity goldmine that he struck with Kenan & Kel. Granted, many of his roles have been as a voice actor, but at least he isn’t dead.

With any luck, however, Mitchell’s new role on the Nickelodeon show Gamechangers will be a hit. According to IMDB,

A live-action sitcom about two 12-year-old girls who start a multi-million-dollar gaming company and take on rap superstar Double G as a business partner. As part of a multi-platform experience, the games seen in the episodes will be released through apps and online from Nickelodeon.

That sounds absolutely 100% fucking stupid. But yay for live action roles! But what the hell.

Now that we’ve all decided that Gamechangers sounds like a total flop, let’s go back to bothering Kel about a Kenan & Kel reunion. When asked in an interview with Digital Spy during Comic Con 2015 about whether a reunion was in the cards:

Yeah, I think that would be awesome. I mean, I’m into it. That’d be cool, man. You just gotta get Kenan into it, see if he’d be into it. That’d be a lot of fun.

The only problem is that Kenan supposedly hates Kel. Well, maybe “hates” is a strong word. Let’s go with “strongly dislikes to the point of permanent avoidance.” According to TMZ,

Kel tells TMZ, “The truth is Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media, or even have my name mentioned around him.”

Kel says he nearly reunited with Kenan for an interview with a popular magazine but Kenan pulled out at the last minute … and he thinks it’s because Kenan’s still trying to separate himself from his old co-star.

But Kel’s not bitter, explaining, “I have not been upset about this. I respect his choice of wanting to make a name for himself solo.”

“There is no bad blood on my side, I’m not declining a reunion, I know the fans love the show and would love to see some type of appearance with us … I just don’t see that ever happening because of how he really feels.”

In other words, we’ve got ½ of Kenan & Kel willing to have a reunion. At this point I’m willing to dump Kenan and just replace him with some other actor for Kel to dick around with; it’s not like Kenan’s that great on SNL anyway.

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