Kendrick Lamar Just Shocked Everyone And Dropped New Album, “untitled unmastered” In Response To LeBron James’ Tweet

I’m not sure who to award with the obligatory ‘Epic Bro Move’ trophy–Lebron James for persuading Kendrick Lamar to release a new album of unreleased tracks, or Lamar for just like fucking doing it man. I mean, both these guys are power players in a league of their own that pretty much answer to nobody. LBJ’s heroic tweet that put in motion the spontaneous release of this album, goes as follows:

As you can see all we needed was a couple weeks from when the original, inquiring tweet was unleashed by LBJ, for iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, and Spotify to come around and feature the Lamar’s new album, ‘untitled unmastered.’

Tiffith told Instagram follows to send all the thanks Lebron’s way, but that could pose some serious fallout for the NBA titan. Like what kind of precedent does this development set for the future power of the 140 characters Tweet? Probably nothing to be honest, but worth a lil speculation for sure.

[H/T: Engadget]